With the rapidly changing world, India's next generation of innovators and problem solvers are under more pressure than ever to grasp a greater depth and breadth in STEM learning quickly. Teachers too are challenged to explain complex concepts immersively and thoroughly in less time. Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) is sponsoring 13 schools to transform education through Saras-3D's stereoscopic 3D classroom and lab experiences worth INR 50 lakhs each.

Genius 3D Learning: Stereoscopic 3D Classroom Experience

Because layered, experiential learning helps students learn twice as fast, teachers use the 3D simulations to coach students to go deeper and better understand the nuances of complex concepts in more concrete and tangible ways. Each lesson becomes an engaging journey instead of a boring lecture. This results in excellent engagement, rekindled curiosity, and ultimately, deeper, more efficient learning for the entire class.

Genius 3D Learning: Stereoscopic 3D Lab Experience

The computer lab creates learning experiences that are immersive, interactive, and life-like. Such an experience enables students to “learn by doing” in an environment where mistakes are reversible and there are no material costs or clean-up. These individual interactions allow students to experiment and deeply understand the concepts in each subject.

The Stereoscopic 3D Learning Kit Includes
Genius 3D Learning: 1 Stereoscopic 3D Classroom Experience
Hardware Each School
Projector 1
Glasses 30
Computer 1
Training and Support Each School
Training to Teachers 2 Days / Year
Zoom Support 1 Hour / Month
Genius 3D Learning: 10 Stereoscopic 3D Lab Experiences
Hardware Each School
Booster box 10
Glasses 20
Monitor 10
Computer 10
Training and Support Each School
Training to Teachers 2 Days / Year
Zoom Support 1 Hour / Month

The Classroom and Lab software consists of yearly subscriptions for 4 years for 9th to 12th grade Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

Join us in this transformative program to enhance STEM education so that your students can become the innovators of tomorrow! Nominate your school by filling out the application form. After carefully considering schools that meet the eligibility guidelines, CHARUSAT University will select (13) deserving schools for the sponsorship.

Nominate your school by sending your application here